Irene Bedard & Deni - warrior of love

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In 2009 Irene Bedard and Deni have recorded 4 records and have been nominated for numerous music awards.
Irene Bedard is best known as an actress and has starred in over 42 movies, and many television shows.

Irene was the speaking voice and likeness of Disneys Pocahontas ". She has starred in many TNT movies such as" Lakota Woman","Two for Texas", "Crazy Horse" and Steven Spielbergs "Into The West" . Cult classic "Smoke Signals", and many more (check out IMDB).

Deni is an indie musician and recorded with many bands over the years and has starred in off Broadway theater. Deni won an mp3 Grammy for best male vocalist. He has scored 6 films.

01. no explanations
02. dream of point hope
03. bustin out
04. anything can happen
05. empty
06. mind is the power
07. mad
08. lotion
09. welcome to the world
10. warrior of love
11. india & pakistan
12. generation landslide
13. had enough
14. sunshine

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