Joanne Shenandoah - Skywoman

A symphonic odyssey of Iroquois legends
This pop-orchestral collaboration was created by Native American composer, performer, and two-time Grammy nominee Joanne Shenandoah, along with acclaimed composer and guitarist Gerhard Rebmann, and orchestra arranger Hartmut Seidler.

The world premier of Skywoman was performed in the heart of the Iroquois Confederacy with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, and portions were seen nationally on the PBS-TV special 'Songs of the Spirit' with the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra.

The exalted and powerful voice of Joanne Shenandoah and the majestic sounds of the symphony depict Iroquois legends in a dramatic and enthralling performance.

01. Skywoman    
02. Grandmother moon    
03. The good and the evil twin
04. Seven dancers
05. Giving thanks    
06. The evergreen tree
07. Medicine gift    
08. Whales of the sea
09. Ganondagan    
10. Feather in the wind

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