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American Indian Art Book: Hopi-Tewa Pottery


American Indian Art Book: Hopi-Tewa Pottery

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This book is designed to introduce people to the artists and to their fine art pottery. Featuring 450 illustrations of artist portraits, historic village scenes, authentic signatures and hallmarks, pottery making and hundreds of pots, the volume profiles 500 artists over the past two centuries.

The first three chapters address three main questions: Who are the Hopi-Tewa people?" "How do we evaluate Hopi-Tewa pottery?" "How is Hopi-Tewa pottery made?"

The center of the book is filled with 500 biographies, arranged alphabetically for easy reference. The survey collected information in 25 fields, including the artist's culture, language, village, clan, active years, types of artwork, lifespan, family, education, teachers, students, awards, demonstrations, exhibitions, collections, techniques, materials, favorite designs, galleries, publications, and twenty years of auction records. Many completed a personal statement, "I enjoy creating artwork, because..."

Following the biographies are family tree charts, hallmarks and signatures, as well as special sections on pottery types and styles, 100 designs and symbols, the language of the potters in Hopi, Tewa, and English, and an extensive bibliography.

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