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Heart of the World by Mary Youngblood"


Heart of the World by Mary Youngblood"

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Book Heart of the World by Mary Youngblood

Grammy Award winning Mary Youngblood is recognized for her creative and innovative music.

She is one of the few artists known for performing on a variety of Native American flutes including multi-chambered and diatonic flutes. Heart of the World is Mary’s second recording and features her melodic songs played on an assortment of these special instruments.

Now she shares her secrets to these unique sounds with all of you in songbook form.

Learn how to play songs on your multi-chambered and diatonic flutes by playing along with Mary in the privacy of your own home.

Don’t have a multi-chambered flute? You can still play the songs-most of them adapt to a single chambered flute.

The Heart of the World songbook has all 11 songs from her recording transcribed and scored in Nakai Tablature and finger charts for the six hole flute so that no matter what level of flute player you are, you can play them.

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