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Arlene Nofchissey Williams - Encircle


Arlene Nofchissey Williams - Encircle

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ARLENE NOFCHISSEY WILLIAMS was granted the gift of song early in life. Her mouth, hands, and feet were blessed with pollen from off the wings of a tiny hummingbird that was caught as it visited with her in her crib. Since then, childlike wonder and delight have filled her every song.

Born out of the Native Americans' love and reverence for life, Arlene's music expresses the delicate balance of nature in harmony with the Beauty Way."

This deep, moving, elequently sculptured but simple heart-felt expression of one woman's love is truly a unique "Gift Everlasting."

1 One Eternal Round
2 Plain and Simple
3 Gift Everlasting
4 Riding on the Wind
5 Grant's Song
6 Song of the People
7 I Dreamed the Dream
8 Awake and Arise
9 Go to the Mountains

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