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Lightning Bolt - Dancing with the Thunder Beings


Lightning Bolt - Dancing with the Thunder Beings

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Lightning Bolt presents his debut recording, delivering his unique interpretation of traditional and modern sound both in individual and electronic wholeness.  With a sweat lodge pouring ladle in one hand, a flute in the other and a rock guitar
slung over his back, Lightning Bolt takes you on a powerful journey.  Hailed in the Pacific Northwest as “Revered Flutist,” he has opened for names like John Trudell and Wilma Mankiller.

01 Little Hollow Bones
02 The Heart Beat
03 In The Beginning
04 Eagles' Flight
05 Spirit Traveler
06 From The Mists Of Time
07 Honoring The Ancestors
08 Siyotanka’s Dream
09 In The Presence Of The Thunder Beings
10 Singing To The Grandfathers
11 A Journey in Time
12 Departure Of The Thunder Beings

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