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The Indian Summer Music Awards

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The Indian Summer Music Awards

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<span class="style83" "="">The Indian Summer Music Awards CD from Arbor Records is a fine compilation of Native musicians for anyone who wants to take a peek into the contemporary side of this broad spectrum of music. With the exception of one track from the drum group Eyabay the recording is made up of pop, rock, instrumentalists and the rap group Slangbloosom. The eclectic line-up consists of Derek Miller, Indigenous, Robert Mirabal, Joanne Shenandoah, Peter Kater, Howard Lyons, Eagle & Hawk, Andrea Menard, Broken Walls, Cherokee National Youth Choir, Al Jewer with Andy Mitran, Chester Knight, Ray St. Germain, Bradford Smith and Lucie Idlout. We’ve included clips from artists that we think deserve a listen to as well as artists that are new to us. A great recording that has consistency and isn’t just a jumble of different sounds thrown together. Liner notes give a short description of each artist.

01. Wheels On Fire - Derek Miller
02. Your Turn My World Around - Indigenous
03. Blue Lake - Robert Mirabal
04. Circle - Joanne Shanendoah
05. Night Realm - Peter Kater
06. Yo Jah Way Hey (Mother Earth Our Holy Place) - Howard Lyons
07. Indian Girlz - Eyabay
08. Mother Earth - Eagle & Hawk
09. Call My Name - Andrea Menard
10. Beautiful Great One - Broken Walls/Jonathan Maracle
11. I Di Tsa Le Ga - Cherokee National Youth Choir/Gil Silverbird
12. Walk To The Water - Al Jewer/Andy Mitran
13. Hate, The - Slangblossom (Radio Edit)
14. Love Fades Away - Chester Knight
15. I'm Mighty Proud I'm Metis - Ray St. Germain
16. Your Land - Bradford Smith
17. I Will (Rise For You) - Lucie Idlout

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