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Floyd Red Crow Westerman - Custer Died for Your Sins/The Land Is


Floyd Red Crow Westerman - Custer Died for Your Sins/The Land Is

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“Floyd’s two cassette recordings, THE LAND IS YOUR MOTHER and CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS on one CD.


Twelve songs with a country western beat about the past and present treatment of the American Indian and their hope and the hopes of others for peace and understanding among all peoples. All songs in English. Includes BIA Blues, Chante Waste’ Wi, Yellow Metal.

A re-issue of a classic. This recording of the long out-of-print recording by Sioux singer Floyd Westerman contains all the songs from the original recording including B.I.A., Where Were You When, Missionaries and Thirty Five More Miles.

01. Custer Died for You Sins
02. Missionaries
03. World Without Tomorrow
04. Goin' Back
05. 35 More Miles
06. Red, White and Black
07. Where Were You When
08. Here Come the Anthros
09. They Didn't Listen
10. Task Force
11. B.I.A.
12. How Long Have You Been Blind
13. B.I. A.
14. Chante Waste Wi
15. Quiet Desperation
16. Rabbit Dance Song
17. Sun, Moon and Tears
18. Joseph
19. Or Do You Care
20. Wounded Knee
21. Land Is Your Mother (La Tierra Es Tu Madre)
22. Sioux Rabbit Song

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