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Mary Youngblood - Beneath The Raven Moon


Mary Youngblood - Beneath The Raven Moon

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One of the true stars of Native America, Mary Youngblood is the Winner of numerous high profile awards including: Best Female Artist & Best Flutist at the Native American Music Awards. This superb collection of songs showcases her talents in adventurous new settings from Blues to Classical, all the while treating us to the beautiful heartfelt flute melodies for which she is known and loved. Additionally and for the first time ever, this album showcases Youngblood's strong voice harmonizing along with her many flutes.
The title of each track on the CD is a line from a poem written by Youngblood giving this album a poetic concept album feel. Further instrumentation is arranged by award winning producer Tom Wasinger who has worked on each of Youngblood's three albums.

01. Cama-I
02. Walk With Me
03. Beneath The Raven Moon
04. And We Shall Dance
05. Laugh With Me
06. Caress The Smile
07. Within My Heart
08. And We Can Love
09. Dream With Me
10. Above The Mother Earth
11. And We Will Fly
12. Ipiluni

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