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Mary Youngblood - Dance with the Wind


Mary Youngblood - Dance with the Wind

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2007 Grammy Award Winner,
Best Native American Music Album

Sometimes the wind whispers and sometimes the wind howls. When GRAMMY winner Mary Youngblood lets the wind flow through her Native American flutes the result is always one of beauty and joy. Inspired by the wisdom of nature, Mary writes: The trees have given a voice to me, the voice that sings to you now." Her eclectic musical style evokes feelings of freedom, and gratitude for the blessings of life, our Dance with the Wind.

Mary Youngblood is the premiere female Native American flute player in the country. Winner of numerous awards, she garnered the 2003 GRAMMY for Beneath the Raven Moon. She twice received Flutist of the Year along with Best Female Artist from the Native American Music Awards for her other releases.


01 Misty Rain
02 Wind Whispers
03 My Gypsy Soul
04 Play With Me
05 Dance With Me
06 Find the Song
07 Lost Long Ago
08 Make an Offering
09 Reach For the Sky
10 Blood of My Blood
11 On Our Journey
12 Dance With the Wind

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