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Mary Youngblood - Feed the Fire


Mary Youngblood - Feed the Fire

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2005 Grammy Award Nominee,
Best Native American Music Album

Youngblood's newest release follows her Grammy Award winning album, Beneath the Raven Moon and offers stellar performances on Native American flute with signature melodies again framed in captivating arrangements spanning a variety of musical styles.

Mary is heard for the first time performing on piano and alto flute, and offers sweet vocals with original lyrics on two songs. With special guest appearances by Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull), Bill Miller, and Joanne Shenandoah, Feed the Fire is full of energy, warmth and passion.

Absolutely enchanting! Youngblood beautifully demonstrates the talent that earned her numerous Native American Music Awards." -Billboard

01 On My Way
02 Feed the Fire
03 Sacred Place
04 Far From Home
05 Passions to Ignite
06 Dreams to Find
07 Long Long Road
08 Heart's Desire
09 Destiny
10 Search For Warmth
11 On This Journey
12 She Watches Them Play - (bonus track)

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