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Learn to Hear Powwow Songs


Learn to Hear Powwow Songs

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Learn to Hear PowWow Songs

Learning to hear powwow songs is a way of sharing in the experience of the dance circle and the musical gift provided by the singers. Our effort in this lesson is to help you hear the Powwow songs made today and heard all over North America in recordings or at dance gatherings.
If you have never been to a powwow or are unfamiliar with song structures, this is a really great CD to learn the parts of the songs. Great for beginners and those wishing to learn about powwow singing.

01 Introduction
02 Verse Format
03 Drumbeat Patterns & Tempo
04 Singer - Dancer Connection
05 Round Dance Song Style
06 Vocables
07 Local & Regional Styles
08 Closing Song

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