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Southern Boyz - We Ready" - Live at Red Earth"


Southern Boyz - We Ready" - Live at Red Earth"

Select Art. Nr.: DHOP01600
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The 2006 Southern Singing Champions at Gathering of Nations and also Morongo, Southern Boyz prove to be one of the hottest drum groups on the powwow trail. They combine an overpowering vocal strength with innovative song composition as this CD captures SBZ at their best. With special guest, Mountain Soul, SBZ brings everything to the table on this release.

Producer: Everett Moore & Rusty Gillette
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Everett Moore
Graphics: Rusty Gillette
Engineered by: Precision Sound Studios

01 Back Again by Anthony Monoessy
02 Life on the Road by JR Williams
03 Night Hawkin by Derrick Keeswood
04 Hok & Funny by Everett Moore
05 Still Can't Get Rite by Kenneth Cozad
06 Ft. Hall Railz by Kelly Cable
07 Twisted by Anthony Monoessy
08 Parent's Way of Life For Everett James by Kelly Cable
09 Mountain Soul & SBZ
10 Bringing Me Down by Mountain Soul
11 Yoka Hytes by Nivy Starr
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