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Tiger Tiger - Peace From The Everglades


Tiger Tiger - Peace From The Everglades

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Tiger Tiger (Lee & Stephen Tiger) is not an ordinary American rock n' roll band! Inspired by the nature of the Florida everglades, their American Indian culture and Chief Buffalo Tiger (Their Father) of the Miccosukee Tribe of the Indians of Florida, the brothers career highlights include initial recordings at Woodstock (Later released on Sony's ZYX label in Germany).
Their love of music and performing has led them to international stages as feature artists worldwide including concerts in Spain, Germany, France, U.S.A. and San Francisco.

01: Heya
02: Indian Queen
03: Someone To Believe In
04: River Of Grass
05: I Am Indian
06: My Heart Is With Nature
07: Talkin' About Your Love
08: Geronimo
09: Witchi Ta To
10: Tropical Paradise
11: Cheyene Purple
12: Your Best Is Good Enough

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