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Vida Khow - Seven Principles Of The Navajo Blessing Way


Vida Khow - Seven Principles Of The Navajo Blessing Way

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At the center of the Navajo culture is the Blessingway ceremony, the ancient Diné system of bringing humans into harmony with spirit and all life.  It is said, when one is in harmony, they are Walking in Beauty.  Vida Khow presents seven basic principles for living a balanced, fulfilled life.  These practical, health-giving values are part of the Blessingway.  
Vida combines tales of growing up in the remote desert home of one of Arizona’s largest indigenous cultures.  She weaves the wisdom of her ancestors with modern sensibilities and has put together a practical, powerful approach to life, family, healing and spirituality.  Through the agile mind of Vida Khow, the simple truths of Diné Blessingway speak directly into the heart of our modern, rushing world.  They give the gift of another way of looking at how we choose to live our lives.

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