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D. Norman - Buffalo Sky


D. Norman - Buffalo Sky

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A traditional singer, D. Norman is a Southern Blackfoot from the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana. His Blackfeet name is Ee-Nees-Too-Wah-See (Growing Like A Buffalo). He is a member of the Thunder Pipe Society and the Crazy Dog Society. He is also a traditional dancer and a veteran. In 2003 he received the Spirit Award from the First Peoples Foundation and in 2004 received the business Leadership award from the same organization. He was also part of the recording duo Norman & Kramer who met with success with “The Return Of The Buffalo Horses.

01: A Warrior’s Dance
02: Southern Society Song
03: Honoring The Northern Plains
04: Everyone’s Round Dance
05: Owl Dance
06: Within The Round Dance Circle
07: Montana Crow Hop
08: Blackfoot Round Dance
09: Omaha
10: Montana Owl Song
11: Plains Grass Dancing
12: Prairie Dance
13: Dancing So Strong
14: Eagle Dancer

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