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Annie Humprey - Edge Of America

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Annie Humprey - Edge Of America

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Humphrey, on vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, erases social boundaries with engaging lyrics about the realities of life. Annie's experiences have given her the drive to continually seek social justice for all, the call to protect our environment, stop abuse and questions our political decisions. Her vocals and lyrics are a potent combination of intelligence, wisdom and compassion. Annie shines as a singer/songwriter/activist of substance and promise focusing on the experiences of America.

Produced by David Swenson
Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Swenson
at Makoché Recording Company, Bismarck, ND

01. Edge of America
02. Precious Moon Daughter
03. Doin' Time
04. They Found Her
05. Lakin's Flame
06. Nightmares and the American Dream
07. Rock Me on the Water
08. Storm
09. Mother's Rain
10. I'll Be There
11. So, Comes the Rain
12. Justice Hunters

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