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Joanne Shenandoah - Once in a Red Moon


Joanne Shenandoah - Once in a Red Moon

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Joanne Shenandoah was selected 1994 Native Musician of the Year by The First American in the Arts Foundation for preserving traditional values within the field of contemporary music. Her songs present her feelings and experiences as a member of the Oneida Six Nations Irouquois. On of the brightest singing talent today, Shenandoah has performed throughout Europe and the United States.

Her twelve songs on this album deal with Native American issues including ethnic pride, treaty violations, suicide and reverence for elders.

01. Mother Earth Speaks
02. Spirit Lingers On
03. You Can Hear Them Dancing
04. This Baby of Mine
05. Skywalker
06. The Blackfeet Nation
07. Quarter Moon
08. In the Middle of the Road
09. Blanket Fevers
10. Please Sing Here
11. Patterns of the Drum
12. America

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