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Joy Harjo - Native Joy For Real


Joy Harjo - Native Joy For Real

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Native Joy For Real

What happens when you mix the powerful lyrics of an internationally known poet with her raw smoky singing and top it with jazzy, saucy licks of her alto sax? All of this over a music that defies categorization: it's a distinct native sound blended with jazz, rock, even folk and a touch of hip hop soul for spice. You can sing to it,
you can dance to it, cry to it, even laugh a little.

01. The Last World of Fire and Trash
02. Grace
03. Fear Song
04. Hold Up
05. The Woman Hanging from the 13th Floor
06. This Is My Heart
07. Reality Show
08. Eagle Song
09. Morning Song
10. The Had-It-Up-To-Here Round Dance

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