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Mary Youngblood - Saced Place


Mary Youngblood - Saced Place

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With rich vibrato and notes that melt into your heart, Mary Youngblood takes the artistry of Native American flute music to its highest level.  Her song writing brings forth some of the sweetest original melodies ever performed on this instrument, and the collection herein showcases the most sublime. These peaceful and vibrant songs have been carefully selected to quiet the mind, relax the body, and inspire one to contemplate the Sacred Place within.


01. Sacred Place
02. Beneath the Raven Moon
03. Wind Whispers
04. Unrequited
05. Tears for Kientepoos
06. Misty Rain
07. Walk with Me
08. Yuba
09. Silent Wolf
10. Nana's Lullaby
11. Dreams to Find
12. Above the Mother Earth
13. Fog
14. On Our Journey
15. The Offering

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