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Mary Youngblood - The Offering


Mary Youngblood - The Offering

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On this debut release, Mary Youngblood performs on a variety of flutes, crafted from various types of wood and in different keys, giving each one its own unique sound.

Television audiences were first introduced to Youngblood on a PBS special entitled, American Indian Circles of Wisdom," which featured Youngblood's original compositions. A top emerging artist, Youngblood has been featured in News From Indian Country, Explore Indian Country, Native Peoples Magazine and Aboriginal Voices. Songs from "The Offering" will also be featured on "Heartbeat II," a compilation of Native American Women artists on the Smithsonian Folkways label. Youngblood's music is also included on "Naturally Native," a 1998 film produced, written and directed entirely by Native Americans.

"The Offering," a traditional solo flute release, features all original compositions recorded live in the natural acoustic space of the underground Moaning Caverns of California. The Flute comes alive in the hands of Mary Youngblood. Her haunting music is much more than a song, it is "liquid poetry, a prayer."

Recorded live in 1997 inside the Moaning Caverns Executive Producer, James Marienthal said, "We listen in awe as the music flows forth, resonating throughout the cavern. Besides Mary's flute and breath, the only sound heard on this recording are the natural sounds of the cavern, which add just enough presence to let yourself imagine being there."

01. The offering
02. Children's Dance
03. Tears for Kientepoos
04. Silent Wolf
05. Echoes
06. Mark's Song
07. She watches them play
08. Eagle Clan
09. Aleut Wind
10. First Love
11. The Gathering
12. Moaning Cavern
13. Winds of Change
14. Flute Circle
15. Re-kindle the Fire
16. In a Yellow Wood
17. Grandmother's last Sunset

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