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Prayer for Peace


Prayer for Peace

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Fifteen songs from the Silver Wave Native American catalog carefully selected to create an experience of healing, relaxation, and peace.

From the powerful opening track Peace and Power" by Joanne Shenandoah, to the heartfelt title track by Peter Kater, the music ranges from deep introspective pieces, to an outward sense of empowerment and joy.

Including songs by Joanne Shenandoah, R. Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater, Robert Mirabal, Mary Youngblood, Alice Gomez, Lawrence Laughing and Michel Cusson, this recording showcases some of the finest Native artists recording today, and carries an important message of hope and healing.

Prayer For Peace is a meditative, soothing and introspective body of music (62:01 total minutes), perfect for massage work and alternative healing therapies.

"May Peace Prevail on Earth." A donation from each CD or Cassette sold will benefit 'The World Peace Prayer Society."


01. Peace and Power - Joanne Shenandoah
02. Surrender - R. Carlos Nakai/Peter Kater
03. Yuba - Mary Youngblood
04. Across the Sky - Joanne Shenandoah/Lawrence Laughing
05. Painted Caves - Robert Mirabal
06. I Will Fight No More - R. Carlos Nakai/P. Kater
07. Pyramid Temples - Alice Gomez
08. Kahawi'tha - Joanne Shenandoah
09. If Men Were at Peace - R. Carlos Nakai/Peter Kater
10. Offering, The - Mary Youngblood
11. Aeolian Wind / Wolves - Michel Cusson
12. I Wish You Peace - Lawrence Laughing
13. Nemi-Sacred Ground - R. Carlos Nakai/Peter Kater
14. Messenger - Joanne Shenandoah
15. Prayer For Peace - Peter Kater

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