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Tchin - Sky Gifts


Tchin - Sky Gifts

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Tchin’s first recording, accompanied with the sounds of nature — birds, wind, rain, etc.

There are four traditional songs from different parts of the country — Northeast Woodlands, Southwest, Northern Plains and the Great Lakes. The song “I Love You Too,” is of dueling flutes.
Two young men are vying for the attention of the same young girl through their flute playing. There are also two vocables — “Traveling Song” and “Singing.”

01 A Rich Son
02 Star
03 Daughters Song
04 I Love You Too
05 Morning Dove
06 Tai Flower
07 Traveling Song
08 Chippewa Song
09 Woodland Girl
10 Zuni Sunrise
11 First Song
12 Sky Person
13 Happy Thinking About You
14 Singing

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