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David & Steve Gordon - Sacred Spirit Drums


David & Steve Gordon - Sacred Spirit Drums

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The musical story that unfolds on this CD reflects David & Steve Gordon's inspiration from Native-American spirituality and global indigenous shamanism. We offer this fictional story as an archetype of a shaman who journeys into the spirit world seeking healing for the Earth and its people. Sacred Spirit Drums is a musical representation of such a shamanic journey. Each song uses particular instruments, melodies and rhythms which evoke the experience of the different parts of the journey and the wisdom found there.

Native-American Flute and Incan Pan Pipe melodies soar over Tribal Drums from around the world, Guitars, Keyboards and Nature Sounds (with Wolf, Eagle, Coyote and Humpback Whale). Following up their bestseller Sacred Earth Drums, the Gordons take you deeper into their healing Shamanic journey to the heart of rhythm. Feel the compelling beat of Mother Earth - move your body and join the dance for the reverence of life!

01. Sunrise Ritual
02. Calling The Sacred Beat
03. Shaman's Dance
04. Path With A Heart
05. Within The Cloud Lodge
06. Spirit Vision
07. Mother Earth, Father Sky
08. Gift Of The Eagle
09. Flowering Tree
10. Rainbow Hoop

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